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Quechua may refer to:

Quechua people, several indigenous ethnic groups in South America, especially in Peru Quechuan languages, a Native South American language family spoken primarily in the Andes, derived from a common ancestral language Southern Quechua, the most widely spoken Quechua language, with about 6.9 million speakers Quechua Boliviano, a dialect of Southern Quechua spoken in Bolivi...


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David says

"Online service for bikes is useless. Been trying for months but, when they're available, you go through the whole process and they find some reason to prevent you buying it at checkout. So you ask the local store if they can get hold of one of the bikes that's in stock. Nope. Can they reserve one for you for when they're available? Nope. Can they offer any service that is vaguely useful? Nope. Shame because the old bike was good before someone nicked it."

Marzena ppp says

"they cant find my return parcel in the store..there is nobody even to talk about that ! shocking///ghost company"

Connor J says

"Disgusting services!! Ordered a bike for my daughter, took payment and now today I’ve received a email cancelling my order as it’s out of stock! I have tried contacting decathlon direct but nobody answers emails or social media comments. My local store have said they can’t assist in regards to any online transactions and that this happens a lot! Even the staff have no faith in the company!! I now have to wait over a week to get my money back to try somewhere else and have a very upset daughter!! The customer service is non existent and extremely poor! NEVER will I order from them again!"

Ben Cosgrove says

"First order with them. And it’s been that bad that this is my first review of a company. Ordered a bike, all was looking well with it due to be delivered. Panther however somehow lost a bike (not sure how) and after saying up to 48 hours initially are now saying up to 5 days before anything can be done. Unable to contact Decathlon to remediate as not replying to Twitter or Facebook and only sending generic emails. Appalling service so far."

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